QR-code on the share app page


how about adding a QR-code to the “Share app” page in the app, that leads to the app in Google Play store in addition to sharing the link or the .apk file?
With the QR-code the app could be shared without having to have any contact details of the person to share with.
That would be helpful at a conference or when talking to strangers on the street.
There is enough space for a QR code below the buttons for sharing the link and the .apk file
What are your thoughts?

Sounds like a great idea!

I like this too! :+1:

You could add it as an image (and link) in the about page. The about page is quite versatile.

This can link to either the app’s store page, or to either App Store or Play Store depending on which device the code is scanned by (if you have the app on both stores) using an app download link service, or to your dev pages on those stores.

Create the QR code using an online barcode generator e.g.

Create an app download link using an online service e.g.