Questions about ui.drawer

I have two questions about the ui.drawer.

  1. In the picture below, you will see the Android status bar overlays the picture on the top of the screen. It doesn’t cover up any other part of the app (like text or headers). Is there a way to turn that off, so the picture starts below the status bar?

  2. Is there a way to narrow the width of that drawer, in this case so it’s as wide as the “Text Appearance” line? On my high-resolution phone things are okay, but on other users phones you have to scroll to get to the bottom options.

I know the picture ratio is non-standard, but I think the two questions are independent of that fact.

If you look at the rectangular drawer images in the SAB Gallery you will notice that the top margin is much bigger than the bottom margin. When not full screen the large margin is hidden but when in full screen the larger margin is visible. So it seems you need to design your Draw image along similar lines.

I think the Drawer width is hard coded in. I tested and could not get it to change. But if you make your drawer image shorter in a landscape format there will be more room. The image should not be the same as your splash screen.