RAB app Crashes when clicking Text Appearance icon

We built a Reading App Builder App from 10 Bloom books. When the Text Appearance Icon, or menu drawer item is clicked from the main menu, the app crashes. It works ok inside one of the books, except the font size adjustment does not work (Line spacing works properly).

Any suggestions welcome. This may be a bug when bloom books are imported.

I can share the project if you want to troubleshoot.

Here is apk .

Roger Green

I am looking at this.

You have Firebase Analytics running. Can you supply any of the feedback from there?

It is written up in the Issues list.

See attached

(Attachment thai.childrens.stories_issue_710d7daa00ea933d46597921ca3fc2ef_crash_session_64993AF500A900015A1D318D61BF01FF_DNE_0_v2_stacktrace (1).txt is missing)

Here is the crashalytics file link https://1drv.ms/t/s!AgxBbRiW8OREkfMlBlkqQD8ESP4U7Q?e=gvlMOm

When the app only has one font, it does not crash, but if 2 fonts are used it crashes.

Sorry about this bug, @rgreen620. It has been fixed ready for the next release of Reading App Builder.

Thank You so much, and may God bless you. -Roger

I’ve been having the same problem, but didn’t know if it was universal or related to other problems I’ve been having.

This is affecting an app we already have live on the Play Store. Do you know when the next release will happen?

Thank you.

We are hoping that the next release will be in the next few days.

Hi Roger,
Can you confirm RAB 10.4 has solved your issue?

Yes, This issue is resolved.

We did encounter another issue I will report separately.

Roger Green