Reading Plans

Hello all,

With the latest release of the latest version of SAB 11.1, the addition of reading plans has amazing potential to help user engagement.

I worked today to test a few plans and wanted to share it with everyone here in case they wanted to use it in their apps.

It would be great to get feedback for improvement and if anyone else has a good reading plan, to share with everyone here.

My first reading plan is Read the Bible in 365 days. I got the verses from It has a verse from the Old Testament, New Testament and Psalms everyday.
Link to Download

The second reading plan was a test using ChatGPT. After a few prompts and editing, it was able to create a 30 day devotional to go through a summary of the life of Jesus in 30 days.
Link to Download

Have a great day everyone.
James Cuthbert

**Update: links were incorrect and have been updated.

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Thank you, James! Perhaps we need a dedicated site to post reading plans. I would love some for majority language groups to get a Biblical overview (like Bible Storying). In fact, anything that would help people new to the Bible (NT or OT or full) access the content. A thematic index of where to go for verses on fear, hope, salvation, anxiety, marriage…

I would also be interested in sharing reading plans or templates for plans. Our team has been experimenting, and this is going to be a great feature to encourage more reading.
However, a new question now is how to remove a plan from the next version of our app. Some of the experimental plans we would prefer to leave out of the next build, but in SAB there are only instructions for “Add Plan” not “Remove Plan”. I guess I could go into the data folder and delete the plan there, but I don’t know what the consequences would be, and maybe we would want to keep the option of the plan available. (Note that right now the NT is still in process and we have a very small church community, so we are only sharing the app individually, no play store.)

Correction to my previous comment. It IS possible to remove/delete an unwanted plan, by first selecting that plan in the list (in SAB under Engagement → Plans), then right-click, then choose Delete Plan.

Here’s a link to some reading plans I’ve made (mostly AI-generated but checked afterwards). Some in English, some in French, some both. I’ve include James’ Bible 365 and Life of Jesus, and AI-generated images that match the specified jpeg names in the files. Eventually, someone (me?) needs to create a more accessible database of these.