RTL Direction for Footer is forgotten

For versions including 7.2, on Windows.
If I set the Footer Text Direction to RTL, and save the project, the next time I open it, it will revert to LTR, and so I have to set it prior to running a Build Android App.
Books->[My Collection]->Footer->Text Direction should stay Right to Left.
Ver 7.2, Build Release 65 (09-Jul-2020)

Can you post the footer or send it to me in a Personal Message. I am wondering if there is something in there that is LTR triggering the direction flip.

<b>تاسو پوښتنې لرئ؟</b> [&#x1F4DE &#x1f6b9](tel:+12345678901) [&#x1F4DE &#x1f6ba](tel:+98765432109)

I noticed this issue (or something similar) as early as SAB 4 or 5 but never reported it…I specifically noticed that when I had two book collections, one with a LTR script and the other with RTL script, that the footer text direction was displayed as the most recent one that I set.

For example, when I would set footer text direction to LTR for the LTR book collection and then switch over to the RTL book collection and set the footer text direction to RTL, if I went back to the LTR book collection, the footer text has switched to RTL…

Perhaps this has been fixed at some point but this is a different issue but it sounded similar to what I had noticed in the past

In our case, only one book collection. Entirely plausible that the bug has been around for a while, since it is still present in recently released 8.1.
I think SAB must be determining that some characters are LTR and therefore deciding to revert to LTR.
The selector has been set to RTL and it is overriding that so you have to change it every time you open the project in SAB because it cannot save this change of selection
Certainly not the least frustrating of bugs in the world!

This is now fixed and ready for the next version of Scripture App Builder. Thank you very much for reporting it!

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Confirmed - working nicely. Thanks for helping with that.

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