RTL Direction for Footer is forgotten

For versions including 7.2, on Windows.
If I set the Footer Text Direction to RTL, and save the project, the next time I open it, it will revert to LTR, and so I have to set it prior to running a Build Android App.
Books->[My Collection]->Footer->Text Direction should stay Right to Left.
Ver 7.2, Build Release 65 (09-Jul-2020)

Can you post the footer or send it to me in a Personal Message. I am wondering if there is something in there that is LTR triggering the direction flip.

<b>تاسو پوښتنې لرئ؟</b> [&#x1F4DE &#x1f6b9](tel:+12345678901) [&#x1F4DE &#x1f6ba](tel:+98765432109)

I noticed this issue (or something similar) as early as SAB 4 or 5 but never reported it…I specifically noticed that when I had two book collections, one with a LTR script and the other with RTL script, that the footer text direction was displayed as the most recent one that I set.

For example, when I would set footer text direction to LTR for the LTR book collection and then switch over to the RTL book collection and set the footer text direction to RTL, if I went back to the LTR book collection, the footer text has switched to RTL…

Perhaps this has been fixed at some point but this is a different issue but it sounded similar to what I had noticed in the past