SAB 4.5 MAC import MS Word format with font styles in different sizes

We find that stye sheets do work in various cases but they do not work with regard to the point size of characters, When we import Word docs in the BACKMATTER of SAB 4.5 with different font point sizes defined in different style sheets (be it character styles or paragraph styles), they all display as one font size. Headers seem to work better, but we really need different point sizes in the normal font.

Can somebody help us?


@mcquayi, Are styles supposed to work with Word Format?

@joop, is the display different between iOS and Android?

Just for you to know, DOCX files are converted to SFM files (the native format used by SAB). You have the most control if your source files are SFM. Styles are based on SFM markers (see the Styles tab in SAB).

From looking at the code, it appears that the following is done with regards to styles:

  1. Some default styles are converted to SFM styles (e.g. Heading1 => s1, Heading2 => s2, Heading3 => s3)
  2. If a paragraph style is named after an SFM marker, then is uses that marker
  3. I see some processing of paragraph styles ( <w:pStyle>) and run styles ( <w:rStyle> unless it is a hyperlink)
  4. Handle bold, italic, strikethrough, underlined, highlighted text
  5. Handle Alignment or Justification

Styles can be controlled in the Styles node in SAB if you can figure out the marker and the context.


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Maybe the formulation in the Release Notes could be adapted a bit because to it seems to suggest that (most) styles come through in SAB.
I do not think the display is essentially different in iOs and Android.

The explanation you give is very helpful, Chris. It will help me solve the problem. I found I can also adapt imported styles within SAB ad that is a nice feature. When we continue with the APP we will let you know in case we come across an other obstacle, but it seems we can manage now.

As for s (not s1) and s2 they are visible in the STYLES node as div.s and div.s2, but s3 I cannot see for s4. But this may be related to ParaText features.

I will put a new topic on the list soon regarding the keyboard in SAB