SAB 5.3 released

Get Scripture App Builder 5.3

Scripture App Builder 5.3

Release date: 20 March 2019

New Features and Improvements:

  • Preparations for the release of Scriptoria (the new app publishing service).

Bugs Fixed:

In the Android app:

  • If ‘Allow long press text selection’ is disabled, long press text selection should not be allowed in footnotes, search and annotation screens.

In the app builder:

  • Installing Android SDK packages from Settings did not work if there were spaces in the path.
  • The READ_PHONE_STATE permission should not included when building the app (unless you are using one of the restricted user security modes).
  • The choice of interface languages in Settings > Interface should just be English, French and Spanish.

Thanks to our Developer Team.

One of the issue, I also reported, after disabling Allow long press text selection, the feature did not work in footnotes, glossary pop up, bookmark etc, got fixed.

Thanks again…

I moved away from windows to Linux. Unfortunately the only distro that work for my Laptop is Elementary OS Juno. I cant seems to get the sil-repository working for me, other distro like Wasta and Ubuntu i can get it but not Eelementary OS.

@John_Phelyno, we have limited resources to support Linux distributions. We have chosen to support the Ubuntu distribution with debian packages. This works with Wasta since it is based on Ubuntu. We publish the packages to There are instructions on that website on how to install the repository on Ubuntu (or distributions based on Ubuntu).

I have not tried Elementary OS before (there are many distributions as you may know). It would be helpful for you to create a new message on the board (instead of continuing on this announcement message) that describes what you have done and the errors you are receiving. I am not sure I will be able to download Elementary OS and try since I currently have a low bandwidth connection (and busy with a product release).

Update: See Installing on Ubuntu-based Distributions for help with this.