SAB for audio-only New Testament only showing books, but not chapters nor the audio player

Our SAB build (originally based on a working SAB project) is compiling fine but in both the simulator and deployed to an actual devices neither the chapters nor the audio player are displaying. Only the first book (Matthew) is selected with no chapter dropdown next to it. All other books can be selected as well, but again, no chapters nor audio player (just the blank body).

This occurs for both iOS and Android.

  1. It’s obvious that the mp3 files are being correctly included in the SIM output (file size increases accordingly).
  2. The Main Collection is correct (defining each book), adding the proper sources via Audio -> Audio Source (“package inside the APK file”), and finally adding each mp3 via Audio -> Audio Files (named as e.g. B01___01_Matthew_______Cantonese.mp3 and pointed to the previously specified source).

  1. Since all the provided mp3 files are prefixed with “B01”, also tried updating the “Book Collection ID” to be “B01” instead of “C01” in case that was the issue, but no go there either.

  1. Ultimately we want to have the app download the audio files on demand in order to reduce the app size to fit the App Store/Google Play, which would appear to simply require an online location set via Audio -> Audio Source, with each chapter source set to this online source. However, this results in the same issue (no chapters and no audio player). Configured as below with mp3 files located at a test server for experimental purposes (trailing slash and no trailing slash makes no difference). I vaguely recall (perhaps incorrectly) the documentation stating something about requiring http instead of https, but since none of the above is working either, don’t think this is the issue (or at least it’s secondary issue).

Would love to have some feedback to get to the bottom of this since everything else is straightforward and working as expected.

I don’t have time this week to look at this. The end of next week is the earliest I can get to it. If you don’t hear back send me a direct message by clicking on my head and then click message.
I assume the source is in USFM?

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Many thanks!

As to USFM, I don’t believe that would be applicable in our case because it’s an audio-only version. Correct me if I’m wrong.

You have to import some sort of text based file to add a book to associate the audio with.
So what file are you importing that you were expecting chapters? Is it a Docx or an HTML?

HTML does not support chapters or pages. Docx supports pages.

Thanks for the reply. As you can see in the screenshots above, I’ve got a main collection with all the books and chapters specified. In all the documentation I’ve read, there’s no mention of importing a blank or dummy text file in order to have audio-only functionality. Of course, I am more than happy to be told I’m wrong.

A couple important notes:

  1. This app project was forwarded on. It was used previously and I’ve tested the APK that was generated by it previously. No text file import, but functionality is all that is expected.
    2.“Audio-Only Book (without text)”

My guess is that some resource that is required is not referenced properly once it was forwarded. I very much appreciate your help and guidance, so if it does indeed need a text file import to check all the boxes so to speak, a dummy text file would do the trick?

I learned something new again.

On Windows it does not do this. The chapter menu displays. I can’t look at the Mac build until next week.
Can you confirm you are on version 4.7?

Was running 4.5 but now upgraded to 4.7. Now however, the situation is worse. Not only do we not get chapters, the iOS app (in the simulator at least - didn’t bother loading it onto a physical iOS device to verify there as well this time) no longer can select a book. Rather, you can select the book selector, which in turn displays the list. However, selecting a different book closes the app.

Here’s an animated gif of how it is now when compiling with 4.7 on a Mac running in an iOS simulator:


Whereas the build done by 4.5 at least let you select different books:


A fix for this problem has been made and will be generally available in the next release

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@teddy - Glad that your issue will be resolved by the next release of SAB. Please let me know if you still have any issues.