SAB MAC 11.04 macOS Sonoma

I have uploaded 4 apps which are basically the same, but differ only in the script they use e.g. AR and LAT. From SAB generate App Bundles fairly easily, also APK’s and all work on my side, and 3 of them are accepted on GooglePlay without problems, but one is rejected because of this:

Issue found: Violation of Broken Functionality policy

Your app contains content that isn’t compliant with the Broken Functionality policy.

  • App contains icon(s) or button(s) that are not responsive or do not return content.

I double check through ALL pages etc., no responsiveness problems, and there are hardly any buttons and I am waiting for an answer, but meanwhile there maybe somebody among you who can give me a clue? Thank you!

dear community friends … I have offered the App once again after I generated everything from bottom u, but without changing anything in its contents and now it is accepted. Let us forget about this!