SAB red letter error and crashing on 'About'

I am experiencing two separate problems with the app created by SAB 4.7.

We have marked the words of Jesus (\wj) so that they display red. However, at random times after a comma in the middle of the words of Jesus, the text is no longer displaying red. There is nothing in the SFM files at these points, just running text. Other places with commas do not have any problem.

Second, whenever I click the ‘about’ menu item in the app, the app closes and says "Unfortunately, the Migabac Bible has stopped.

Thank you for any guidance.

Is there synced audio in the app? That would add in extra markup around the comma as it would start a new phrase. If so as a test mark up the comma area \wj*, \wj so the \wj stop and start again and see if that is any different? That may be a work around. But it does sound like a bug but we need data to investigate.

Seem to recall a crash on About before in an older version. Need to dig to see If I can find if we found the cause.

You really need to share your project with us so we can look at both issues.

Yes, we used Aeneas to produce timing files, so that would make sense. I looked at it some more, and it seems to always be the phrase or sentence following a text containing a glossary tagged entry as follows.

\v 8 \wj Ngic-ngigac kwelengineng \+w gbagbacne\+w* gacaigaing, yenge kwele-angackolec.\wj*

The whole first clause up to the comma was red, and the last clause after the comma was black.

Incidentally, Publishing Assistant also had some bugs in handling the embedded \+w within the \wj.

I tested adding the extra \wj*, \wj, in a couple places and that worked, except that the punctuation is no longer red of course.

I am happy to share my project or the apk file, just let me know what you would like & how to share it.
Thank you, Steve

Hello again,
Based on what you said, I figured out a fix by applying the following in the changes file, which ends the \wj before & after the tagged glossary words, and removes the ‘embedded’ tag format.

Find: \+w
Replace: \wj*\w

Find: \+w*

Hopefully this can be fixed in future versions.