Saving user data when app is deleted

I’m developing and testing an iOS app and every time I delete and reinstall the app on iOS, the highlights and comments I’ve made in previous installs are all erased.
I read some reviews of apps built in SAB that celebrated data being restored after the app had to be deleted and reinstalled so I’m under the impression this is possible.
Would someone be kind enough to tell me where that setting is in SAB?

The other user may have experienced an app that was installed from Apple App Store and was removed during an upgrade or transfer to another device (and not explicitly deleted). On iOS, you can have the device to “Offload Unused Apps” and I believe it keeps the data for the app but just removes the app code.

What if you just re-add the app without deleting it?


Thanks Chris.
Adding the app without deleting it in Xcode kept the user data.
Deleting the app in Xcode or from the device home screen results in losing all user data.
Using the “Offload Unused Apps” feature does not provide the option to keep data for the app I’m building in SAB. That is an option on other apps (see screen shots attached)… Is there a setting in SAB that enables this feature?

I suspect that you don’t have the Offload app option since it is a development app and not from the app store. Since it is a development app, it doesn’t know where to get the app if it is offloaded.

Once you install from the app store, I would imagine you would have the offload app.