Scripture App Builder 5.6 released

Scripture App Builder 5.6

Release date: 05 July 2019

New Features and Improvements:

  • Subtitles for Slideshow Videos:

    • When slideshow videos are created, subtitle files in both SRT and WebVTT formats will also be created.
    • These can be used to provide subtitles for YouTube videos or when using media players such as the VLC media player.
    • To launch the Create Slideshows wizard, right-click on a book or book collection and select Create Slideshow Videos…
  • Firebase configuration:

    • Improved configuration screen, App > Firebase, with a link to the Firebase console.
  • Registration screen:

    • You can define a registration screen to be shown when a user launches the app for the first time.
    • This allows you to collect contact information, for example to connect people with Bible reading/listening discussion groups.
    • See App > Security > Require each user to register with their details, and the Configure Registration button.
  • Fonts:

    • Awami Nastaliq font updated to version 2.000.

Bugs Fixed:

In the Android app:

  • In two-pane view, if you selected a chapter from the toolbar, the top pane would be appear blank until you swiped between chapters.
  • If you wanted a splash screen together with one of the restricted user security modes, the app would crash on start-up.

In the app builder:

  • Building the Android app failed with errors if including Firebase Crashlytics.
  • If using Word documents (docx), custom footnote callers such as asterisks were repeated when converted to SFM files.
  • Right-click popup menus were missing from several tables, i.e. for Edit and Delete actions.
  • Allow use of Zulu OpenJDK from Azul Systems as the JDK.
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Thank you, Richard, for the update.
I am trying to figure out what exactly the new video capacity is able to do. In the release announcement by email, you said:

Before you begin creating videos, you will need:

  • A set of video templates

Is it possible to use the software and general process for something other than the templates, say for a song with synchronized text that I want to put in front of a photo or some outside video? Or does it only work with the specified IMS set?