Scripture Engagement ideas

In our part of the world it is very popular to send images with overlaid text for greetings by Social Networking platforms. I looked for tools to do so with complex Indic scripts but only one App (Canva) was able to do this well. What if we could generate our own fancy grahics with various borders and background using SAB? For example this graphic was created with SAB which had a border and a simple text generated from Paratext.
\s బగవంతన కాబాడ్వల్
\q1 బతి యెహోవ దేవ, నిమెయ్ నాకున్ డాల్దున్ మోడి మంతి.
\q2 నిమెయ్ నాకున్ మయ్మ సీంతి అని నాకున్ మెయుసంతి.
\r కీర్‌తన్క్‌న 3:3

I would very much like to see this feature in SAB. Those who are generating the app using SAB can put these template images in the build. Then the users will have several choices of such templates.


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There is a similar feature built into the YouVersion Bible app. When you tap on the verse and it does the dotted underline (as SAB now does), there is a row of options on the bottom, one of which is ‘IMAGE’. It has quite a lot of stock images to choose from. I didn’t check all Indic fonts, but it worked fine with Telegu. (I sent you my test image privately, Mark.)

It’s incentive to get our projects on the DBL, I suppose. At the same time, having the feature built into SAB would be a huge bonus.

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This would be great!

As a similar idea [if it would increase the likelihood of seeing this developed], could deep-linking to “Bible Lens” be called from within SAB? […for passing along particular versions&references - for those versions which are also on YouVersion]