Scripture forge feb 1 2022

Dear friends, When I originally signed up and started using scripture forged, I linked it to my ptx project as “viewer” but I think the proper way is to link it as “community checker.” How do I go back and change it? Can I unlink a project and then relink it? how?
Does anyone have “suggested wording” I could use when inviting people to be reviewers? Many of them don’t respond to my request so perhaps I am asking them “wrongly.”
Some say that the link does not work. Have any of you had the problem?

Hi Craig,

In response to your first question, it is unclear what you mean by connecting to a ptx project as “viewer.” Scripture Forge allows users to connect to a ptx project if you are an administrator in ptx. When you connect, you are given the option to use the community checking feature. If you do not select it, it can always be turned on later in the Settings page.

It sounds like you may want to join as a community checker instead. Ptx administrators do not have access to answer questions in the community checking area. However, you are free to create a second Scripture Forge account and invite yourself as a community checker from your administrator account.

In response to your second question, it is possible that a link that is a general link to a project might not work if an administrator on the project disables link sharing. Another possibility is that your reviewers are offline when they use the link. You have to have an internet connection to join a project via a link. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you share a link, the best way is to share is via email through the app. There is a share icon on the community checking page (where questions are displayed) and on the users pages. If you have more specific details about why a link does not work, I am happy to help you.

If you do use a general link that is for anyone with the link to join, perhaps include a message like, “Can you help me review this translation?” It becomes an invitation to assist you.

Let me know if you need more clarification.