Sends link for wrong book (but correct chapter and verse) in secondary language

Our app has English as a second language (as well as 2 others), my friend pointed out to me that when he shares a verse in English it sends the reference for the wrong book.
My guess is this: Kurdish (the primary language) has an introduction to the Bible as a book but the English does not. So Genesis is book 2 in Kurdish but book 1 in English. So if you share Genesis 1:1 it will send the correct text but the reference will be for Exodus 1:1, like so:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Exodus 1:1

In Kurdish is sends it correctly:

لە سەرەتادا خودا ئاسمان و زەویی بەدیهێنا.
پەیدابوون ١‏:١

Is there a way to fix this? One option would be to simply disallow sharing of verses in the other languages. Another would be to add the Bible introductions for the other languages. But is there another workaround?
This is a very minor problem, but thanks for any thoughts anyway.