Sfm verse \v from ms word

Hi, Is it possible to insert sfm verse \v code through ms. word? I noticed the import from ms. word always uses \m and \b, can it be replaced by \v and \p for new paragraph.

I confess I don’t understand all the ins and outs of MSWord conversion, but it is a bit of a black box–meaning the SFM it generates is a little mysterious. I imagine you could a) copy your word doc into a UTF-8 txt file and use SFM (Word has a pretty sophisticated advance Replace function to look for styles so you could potentially convert to SFM that way), OR b) use the Changes feature in SAB to look for certain markers and change to what you want.
But others may have better ideas…

Thank you for responding to my message.
I tried something similar to what you suggested.
In method (a), I import the docx file and then export it to text file and replace \m with \v.
Method (b) actually makes a lot of sense, but SAB replaces all the letters m with v, maybe SAB need to add a replace “match case” feature.

For method (b), you would have to search for double-slash m (I can’t type it as the editor keeps changing it to a single slash!) and replace with double-slash v. Like “\ \ m” without the spaces inbetween.

Amazing, it’s work, Thank you :grinning: