Sharing impact stories

We all love stories, especially from others in our organisations. When a new tool like PTXprint comes out, impact stories are easier to come by with people feeling the wow factor. We encourage you to capture the stories you can share publicly and add them as responses to this thread. They give everyone a lift!

In Tanzania, we have now begun using PTXprint to produce the final trial edition for checking by the language community during their read through of their New Testament, before the N.T. gets sent to the typesetter. The product looks very similar to what will be done by the typesetter, and produces a really good product. Thank you to all involved in bringing us this excellent tool.

We published a New Testament earlier this year in a language of Chad (central Africa) using a very complex tool called XeTeX. We had to use that complex tool because we had various requirements for the typesetting, like borders around the page and decorations for the verse numbers, which were even more difficult to produce with other tools. Well, it just so happens that PTXPrint is built on this same XeTeX engine, and after a lot of back and forth with the PTXPrint developers, they were able to implement almost the entire set of requirements that we had for that typesetting. In fact, this same language also completed the book of Genesis and wanted to publish a test version of the book this past month, using basically those same requirements. There were still a few issues that needed to be resolved with the developers, but in the end, we were able to produce the PDF for Genesis that was almost the same quality as the NT published earlier in the year. This is going to be a great time-saver for me, as most of the complexity of XeTeX is hidden behind the friendly user interface of PTXPrint. Thank you for your diligent efforts!