Side loading ipa file on iOS?

Hello Forum, does anyone know an easy way to side load an iOS app similar to how you can side load an apk file on android? We have more and more people with iPhones in our language group and are trying to figure out a way to distribute the ipa file for those with limited or no access to the App Store.

You cannot side load IPA files onto iPhone. There is the Scripture Earth iOS app that is a container app, which is one app with access to “asset packages” published to Scripture Earth. The asset package has all the contents of a SAB App.

Is there already an entry in Scripture Earth for you language? If not, you can email Scripture Earth. To add your language. Then you can create an asset package and ask that it be added to Scripture Earth. You can also use Scriptoria to update Scripture Earth with your asset package (and can help you keep an Android app up-to-date if you have that as well).

The people in your community then would install the Scripture Earth app from the App Store, then search for their language. When it downloads, it will start and be the full contextualize app.


Hey Chris,
thanks for that reply. Too bad this doesn’t work. If I ever find a way, I’ll let you all know here on the forum :slightly_smiling_face: