Splash Screen

Please, I want to know if these two things are done in the SAB Splash scree.

  1. Can you have two spash screens, one for landscape loading and another for portrait loading?
  2. Can a loading illusion be added to the splash screen so that the user can see the app loading?

Please, I know you will help me with this if it’s done.

Thank You.

No, as far as I know both of these aren’t possible, sorry.

May I know why you need a splash screen for landscape loading? For users that use tablets?

Thank you for your reply, Mr. Friedo

My reason for the landscape and portrait Splash screen is, there are some devices that are used in landscapes, like tablets, so the apps load in landscape. With that the portrait splash screen will just be in the middle with lots of spaces on the sides.

So I wanted to know if there will be different splash screens, for different positions

Thank You
Isaac Nkuah