Starting a new PtxPrint job with existing config

I need to print the same thing for several languages.

I have the first one setup and printed, but do not see a way to use existing config to set up the othersjobs with a proper default config.

Thanks, Mike

When I change Paratext projects, I then select the saved config file that I used for the first project. It seems to work for me. It is on the Basic page. Just select the saved config file from the pull down list.

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Iā€™m not sure this is working like you might think it is working. Currently there is no way to (easily) copy one PTXprint saved configuration from one Paratext project to another. There is a request out there already to make this a feature (i.e. copy the saved config from the current project to one or more other projects) which may get addressed in the next few weeks.

The feature you requested is coming soon in 1.9.3

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