Streak - User Engagement

Hi All,

I have been thinking of ways to get users to interact with our app more and be engaged with scripture.
One idea came to me when using the Duo Lingo app, they push the Streak to get users to use the app daily.

A short definition of a Streak on Duo Lingo is: A streak is the number of days in a row you have completed a lesson.
More can be read about how they do it here:

Does anyone else think this type of feature would be beneficial in a Bible app.

It would look something like this:

  • When user accesses scripture (I think the current analytics rule is 5 seconds on a scripture page for it to be counted as ‘accessed’) a number appears in the new bottom or top bar.
  • If they press the button, a the number on a page appears saying something like “5 days in a row you have read scripture, Streak started on 3 January 2024” - of course this can be customized and localized.
  • Every day a reminder message appears saying don’t lose your streak to get the user to go in and read scripture.
  • If the user misses a day, the counter resets.
  • At specific intervals (1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, etc) a message appears to the user congratulating them on their streak.

Bonus feature - this is a big one but I thought I would put it in. On the Streak page displaying the number of days there is an additional button a user can press to view all the verses the user accesses scripture and on what day. I know this is a major undertaking to do and capture in the app but I think it would be helpful for users to be reminded of what scripture they have read and when.

Some other specifics would be to capture the analytics, specifically the streak number so that we can know how many users are actually accessing the app daily/frequently. We do have that data in Google, but I think to know that 100 out of 500 users have a 30 day streak would be greatly beneficial.

Does anyone have any other suggestions to add to this and do you think it can be beneficial to assist with user engagement.

Kind regards,
James Cuthbert

Update: this feature should be able to be turned off by the user.

Hi James,
I think this sounds interesting. Streaks are a simple form of “gamification” and perhaps SAB apps should use it. Not sure how much it would really push engagement but it might help some people. By the way, YouVersion has a similar, pretty sophisticated feature called Badges, one of which is called “Daily Refresh”. There is also a “Bible App Activity” item in the menu which displays Streaks!