Synchronized highlighting error with \rq + \m

There seems to be a highlighting error when playing back the audio synchronized with Aeneas in the following context:

\q1 …text… \rq (Ref 1:1) \rq*
\m Text…

This only occurs when the next sentence is not a new verse. The synchronization is set at the phrase level.

When viewing the timing under “Fine Tune Timings”, the \rq reference is hidden, and the timings appear correct. However, when exported as HTML or in the produced Android Scripture App, the following occurs:

When the audio is playing the first sentence after the \m, the text highlights the \rq reference but not the sentence being played. When the audio continues with the next sentence, the text usually highlights both the sentence immediately following the \m and the next sentence at the same time. If the second sentence after the \rq is a new verse, it will skip highlighting the sentence between the \rq and the \v.

Thus, it seems that there is an error in the phrase segmentation, but not the audio synchronization. I am using SAB 5.4.
Thanks for any help, Steve

@SteveM thanks for this. I’d like to get a copy of your project with just one book containing this issue. Otherwise I have to create something from scratch which takes more time than I have just now. I’ll send you my email by Personal Message.

I can confirm that this is not parsed correctly in th phrases file fed to aeneas. It is parsed differently to how it is presented in HTML.

I have added this as a bug to be fixed.