Text in exported HTML won't highlight across paragraph breaks with in a verse

In syncing audio files in SAB the fine tune timing files show the whole text highlighted, but when it is exported out to a HTML file only the first paragraph is highlighted. The first paragraph stays highlighted while the audio plays. The highlight portion changes when it reaches the next verse marker.

Hi Clark, and welcome to the community.
Can you provide a bit more detail? Are you syncing using phrase-by-phrase or verse-by-verse? When you say paragraph, do you mean phrase, or possibly verse? Or a whole paragraph (section?) of Scripture?

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Hi Andrew, We are highlighting verse by verse.

Here is an example from our paratext file

HTML clipboard

\p \v 32 เจอ/อับราฮัม/ก็/เวา/แอน/ปาย, “แซก/ทัอะ, นะกะเจา/เอย, ไม/ซู/รีาย/อังกอะ/ได. อังกอะ/อี/อะบลัฮ/ไม/แอน/มู/ตูอ/ซัง. ค็าน/มีน/เบิน/กวย/ตะน็าง/ซัก 10 คน/เด, ไม/ซี/นัง/ทำลาย/อัอด/บอ?”

\p เจอ/เยโฮวา/ก็/ตอบ/ปาย, “ค็าน/เบิน/กวย/ตะน็าง/อัอด/ละวาง 10 คน, กึ/ซี/ตัอ/ทำลาย/ดัก.”

The first part of verse 32 would highlight fine, but after the \p it doesn’t highlight in the html that SAB exports. I’ve worked around this by breaking the verse up into \v 32a … \p \v 32b and then correcting the timing file to match the verse numbering.

Ok, right. You have multiple paragraphs under one verse marker, so it’s getting confused. What you did with the timing file is what I would have suggested.