Text to Speech feature


    I come across the google text to speech inbuilt in android which can be used with most Book Apps, so I was wondering if the same feature [With "Read" button] can be used with SAB as an alternative to audio files?


M Haokip.

The issue is that you have to have a speech specification in order for Android to be able to say the text in a meaningful way. For most languages that SAB apps are used for there is no specification. But even with the best specification for common languages like US English, there are still some issues. So a specification for a minority language will be less polished if it even exists.

AndBible does text to speech.

Can this Text to speech be integrated in Dictionary App Builder? atlease for pronounciation of the vocabulary!!


You need someone to set up the specifications before text to speech is possible. That is not a trivial task.
It needs a lot of work. It needs someone familiar with the language and phonology as well as the technical skills to do that. We have none of those skills.