The Bible Plugin - great to pair with SAB

I’m excited to announce the release of The Bible Plugin 1.0.0, a free to use, open source, Bible reader plugin for WordPress drawing from The Bible Brain, DBPv4 API.

For more information, please visit or our Support & Community site at .

The vision behind The Bible Plugin is to break down barriers to access the Scripture by providing a very simple path to place the Bible on a website. Once you have a Bible Brain API key it should take 15 minutes or less to install and configure your site to have a Bible reader. We also wanted to have a clean and simple user interface, fully localized. And finally, we wanted to have a tool that would aid digital engagement strategies by bringing spiritual seekers to the Scripture while keeping them within your own assets and brand.

Obviously, SAB already has most of these same qualities. But for many spiritual seekers their initial motivation level is simply not high enough to install an app, even a PWA. By hosting a simple Bible reader on your website you can lower the bar for them and as they read God’s Word on your site you can draw them to the next step of adding your app. Further, the ease of creating a page with The Bible Plugin allows you to experiment with multiple languages or translations that might be available or appropriate for your field of focus. This can allow you to test or get feedback before committing to a specific translation you might use for building your app.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or if I can help in any way. We have learned much from the SAB community and I am excited about the days ahead with the opportunity to use The Bible Plugin paired with SAB apps.