Try the HearThis 2.0 Beta!

Version 2.0 of HearThis is coming soon. Help us get it ready by trying it out and providing feedback.

The main new feature in HearThis 2.0 is the ability to record multi-voice (dramatized) scripts created using Glyssen.

In Glyssen 1.0, create a .glyssenscript file which can be opened by HearThis 2.0:

  • View Recording Script…
  • File menu
  • Export to HearThis

Here is the link to the latest Glyssen 1.0 Beta installer:

And here is the link to the latest HearThis 2.0 Beta installer:

Note that these Beta versions will not update automatically. We will try to keep this announcement up-to-date with changes.

Ok spent hours getting Paratext to export because my sample Tok Pisin had so many errors (I will note that I can’t do the Shift - export any more which allowed me to ignore errors)
Eventually got a clean export
Set up Glyssen
Exported to HearThis
Interface is pretty intuitive but I got stuck navigating. I pick a person and a role and then I ended up at the narrator part rather than the part for that actor->role…

Once I clicked on the blue “block” (with the text for the filtered actor->role) then it started working like I expected. The only other issue is when I hit the next script block arrow I was looking for a back arrow to get back. The hint on the arrow says you can use right arrow or page down. These work as advertised but the back arrow or page up just goes back a block at a time regardless of the filter for actor->role.

Great work!

Is there a new version past 2.0.75 of Hearthis? and Glyssen past 1.0.1012?

The latest Glyssen is and the latest HearThis is

(14/12/2017) I have just downloaded the new HearThis app for the android phone from google play. It is still unreleased.
We have just completed the recordings of the gospel of Mark on the computer version. And we are greatly excited on how this program is an amazing literacy/guided paired reading tool for adult learners. I am really excited about this app as this will make recording sessions easier and more accessible especially when we only have 3 computers with about 15 women ready to go and help with these recordings.
We are currently recording a 140 bible story set, where which the file has been set up in the Psalms so that it can accommodate the number of chapters.

The android sync went well. The operation of the recording on the phone was simple and easy to navigate (like the computer version!) I used my phone headset to make the recording and then i sync back the recording and I was pleased that there were no major problems.

So I would like to add a few comments that did arise.

  1. the first issue is that on the computer we already have about 25 recordings completed. And they are marked accordingly with their red underlines or red ticks in their boxes. However I noticed that the sync did not flag recorded items or sync any of these recordings. So my big dilemma would be an accidental rerecording by our locals of a chapter which then could erase work which is already recorded on the computer when we go to sync the android device.

Q. Is there a way that the program could highlight or flag already recording sections/chapters so to avoid double up recordings or files erasing?

However I did find another issue.
2. Concerning scrolling to find chapters beyond 98, i.e. 99-150. I was unable to scroll or access any files beyond 98- which is the full number of boxes on the screen. I still have another 42 stories to access. The screen did not even move at all to scroll as if there isn’t any further chapters to access.

  1. Will there be “record a long line in Parts” function?

Blessings Rowan

Hi Rowan,

I’m going to start a new thread to respond to your comments about HearThis Android, because they don’t really belong in a thread about trying HearThis 2.0.

John Thomson

any update on glyssen build location?

Latest as of today is
You will need to “log in as guest.”

Another bug fix means another version:
You will need to “log in as guest.”

HearThis 2.0 has now been released and is no longer “beta”.

The best way to get Glyssen 1.0 Beta now is to download it from