Unable to create outer gutter

I am not able to get the outer gutter function to work. PTXprint 2.3.51
Settings are:
A4 page size
two column - unchecked
mirror pages - checked
binding gutter - checked, set at 60 mm
outer gutter - checked
The binding gutter continues to fall on the binding edge rather than on the outer edge.
Suggestions? Thanks.

Just a check–you don’t happen to be working with a right-to-left language, do you?

Do you get different results when you check and uncheck the “outer gutter” option?

Surely we have a test case with an outer gutter? He says to himself.
Searching… Hmm. Nope Sorry, no test case for that control!

And… digging into the history in the git repository, this (a) was stitched into the boolean that controls the binding side (ifBookOpenLeft) rather than being its own boolean. BookOpenLeft does other things, though, like position tabs on the page, so that was a mistake. (b) that was then corrected as BookOpenLeft has its own control, a few months later. (c) no one realised that was the only place that outergutter was getting fed into the layout engine.

So, at the moment the outer gutter control makes that box toggle on or off on the user interface, and that’s about it…
I’ll have a go at fixing that.

OK, Fix pushed. It should be working in the next release.

Thanks for digging into this and making the fix.