Unable to print

Hello guys,
every time i try to print i am getting below error.
can someone check it out.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “ptxprint\gtkview.py”, line 1194, in onOK
File “ptxprint”, line 212, in doit
File “ptxprint\runjob.py”, line 289, in doit
File “ptxprint\runjob.py”, line 289, in
File “ptxprint\runjob.py”, line 459, in dojob
File “ptxprint\runjob.py”, line 641, in sharedjob
File “ptxprint\runjob.py”, line 344, in done_job
File “ptxprint\runjob.py”, line 390, in parseLogLines
IndexError: list index out of range

<class ‘IndexError’>: list index out of range

PTXprint Version 2.1.27-5-ga139f2eb

my PTX version is 2.2

Hi @Blesson - welcome to the PTXprint community!

Sorry to see that it isn’t working for you. Can you give me any more information about what you’re trying to print? Are you able to create an Archive (for troubleshooting) using the button on the Help tab? (if so, please send it to ptxprint_support@sil.org).

I have just put in a fix to prevent the error (shown above) from masking the actual underlying issue. So if you can download and try 2.2.1 that should provide you with some more accurate information about what needs to be done differently to make it work.

If that doesn’t help, please let me know and I’m happy to do a remote Zoom support session with you.