Unable to proceed further then the enclosed screen shot

Screenshot 2024-03-08 060212

While trying to build a bundle or apk, the process hangs at the shown screen shot.
other apps can be built without any problem.

kindly help how to resolve it as the previous versions have no problem in the built.

Please go to Tools > View Logs … menu item. This will display the Logs windows. In the Error log tab, there may be text of an internal error while executing the build process. Could you copy the output and paste it in a reply?

Unfortunately there is no error log text. But the process stuck on the screen shot provided and doesn’t proceed further.


Screenshot 2024-03-09 095845

I have had the same problem with one of my apps. It does this in v11.1.1. When I go back to an older version it builds fine. Then when I update to v11.1.1 again, same problem occurs. I am currently using v10.4 to build because the Android back arrow works with that version, but not in the new version.