Unwanted ".2em plus .1em minus .1em" lines at top of PDF pages

I’m a new PTXprint user who just started a new configuation for a 4-book portion. I want to create a larger font, one-colmn version of the portion which I just finished formatting in smaller-font/two-column version. But after saving as a new configuation and adjusting layout and font settings accordingly, my PDF output comes with 1-5 lines of single verse references at the top of each page, preceeded by the following text:

“.2em plus .1em minus .1em”(random verse references from page in desired font size)

What do I need to do to fix this?
Thanks for any advice!

Hi @TMiller – It sounds like the initial run went as expected, but subsequent to editing either the base font size, or the styling, something’s gone terribly wrong. Could you confirm whether it was the base font size (on the Layout tab) that was changed, or something deeper using the Styles tab.

For us to diagnose the problem and suggest a solution (and/or fix the bug), it would be extremely helpful to have an archive of the configuration. This is easy to do using the Create Archive… button on the Help tab. The e-mail address to send it to is ptxprint_support@sil.org

I’ll send the archive to the address you provided, so you can see if there is any debugging to be done. I had adjusted the font size (which had my smaller print/2-column configuration as the starting point) on the layout Tab, but there had been other adjustments in the original configuration in Styles (e.g. to the chapter number font size, etc.). Another anomaly in the PDF output was that the chapter numbers showed up in the wrong location (maybe 5-6 chapters in), some remaining in the right place, but several in the wrong. I’ve started working on a new configuration based on the default for the large print edition I’m working on, so I can move forward without any bugs being fixed.

FYI - this turned out to be a faulty rule in the changes.txt file which was causing an unexpected side effect.