Upcoming workshop

A quick heads-up for anyone coming to the BT Conference in Dallas next month. There will be a PTXprint workshop in the 3 days following the conference. Click here to register if you would like to attend.

Workshop Requirements and Description

Dates: October 18 - 20


  • You must have a Paratext project with at least one book that is ready for printing and passes the basic checks in Paratext.


  • This training is designed for translators, consultants, and other professionals who use Paratext and are interested in learning about publication methods.

This training will help participants:

  • Configure printouts of Scripture for testing and other limited distribution.
  • Configure columns, section headings and footnotes.
  • Learn what is possible for high quality print publications of Scripture

Course Fee Info

  • The course fee is $65 for the PTXprint workshop (18-20 Oct). There is a $15 discount for the PTXprint workshop for those who are also paying for the Paratext workshop (9-12 Oct).

Click here to register