Use gif files in PTXPrint publications?

I purchased a set of images for use in SU publications, etc. The description states, “The images are in high resolution black & white TIFF files for printing (up to A4 size at 300 DPI), and colour JPEG files…”

The set of black & white images, however, are in .gif format, which doesn’t seem to be recognized by PTXPrint. Can I use something like ImageMagick to convert “gif > tif”, with a “high resolution” result for printing?
Any explanations that will help in the future would be appreciated!

Thank you!

If the images are actually the claimed resolution, then they should be (at least) 3508 x 2048 pixels.
You can verify that with ImageMagick’s identify command.

ImageMagick’s convert utility should be able to convert the .TIFF files (or GIFs - really?) would certainly be able to turn .GIF or .TIFF into .PNG, which is what you want to use, and unless you tell it to (or you are converting from a vector graphic format) it won’t alter the resolution.

I don’t know how recent it is, but the -format flag for mogrify saves a lot of typing:

mogrify -format png *.gif

I’ve tested it on my Ubuntu 22.04 and (despite mogrify normally being modify-in-place) this did produce a new copy of the files in the relevant format. Obviously, having a backup is a sensible precaution, anyway.