User is not able to installHearThis: Getting Error 0x81f4001 in log

A project manager is trying to install HearThis on a teammembers computer but is running into a problem.

Error says Registry Key not found. Key = "Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\VC\Runtimes\x64

I’ve asked the manager to try to install The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 ( but it will be a while before she’s able to try.

Is there anything else I should try?


From the log, it appears that this package is not installed. (You could confirm that independently by looking in Add or Remove Programs.)
It appears that the operating system version is too old (no longer supported) or that it is a 32-bit OS. As the message says, “Windows 7 or later is required. (32-bit Windows not supported)”

I just tried the HearThis Installer on a “clean” Windows 10 (64-bit) machine and it worked. I did notice that the Installer is not properly signed, so I am looking into that.

FYI: The HearThis Installer package includes the Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (for 64-bit Windows), which is the version HearThis requires (even though the registry key is named 12.0). There should be no need (or benefit) to download and install it separately, but this is the link:

Thanks Tom. The manager sent me a screenshot of the system info and it is a 32bit version of Windows 10. I’ll have her try the 32bit HearThis installer and report back. Thanks for mentioning it.

Thanks for the info. Do be aware that although the 32-bit version is available, we are no longer actively maintaining that branch, so new features and most (if not all) bug fixes will only be available in the 64-bit version. If there is a significant need for the 32-bit version that would warrant a change to that decision, we need to be made aware of it.