Verse on image, share broken after download (Android 10)

With a recently built app (SAB 11.1), one user was having problems sharing a Verse on image after having previously downloaded that same verse. When she downloaded the verse first, and then tried to share the image afterwards, the only thing it would share would be the image file. So this is what showed up in my WhatsApp:
And tapping on it doesn’t open an image - since Android seems to think it is a binary file, it suggests opening it in Xender or Keyman(!)…

If she tries on a new verse she hasn’t downloaded, it seems to work fine. So somehow the downloaded verse is getting in the way of the sharing. HOWEVER, my phone doesn’t seem to have this problem with the same app. I can Download the verse image, then Share the same verse (immediately, or going out and coming back in a choosing a different image) and it shares the image not the file. I have Android 11, and the user has Android 10. Could that explain the difference?

I’m wondering if this should be considered a bug to fix. Maybe when someone taps the Share button, SAB should check to see if there is already a file with that same name, and if so, either delete the existing file (a bit extreme maybe, but you probably don’t want a lot of duplicate verse images on your device anyway…), or if it is going to create a new copy of the file (as with the “(3)” in the file name in the image above), make sure to use that copy of the file in its Share operation and NOT the one that was downloaded. (Assuming that’s what is causing the problem…)