Verse per line in PTXprint?

Hi, I just started getting in depth with Paratext and now PTXprint and I can’t seem to make PTXprint output each verse on a new line like traditional Bibles. I’ve played with all the settings but can’t seem to find the trick.

I was able to make Paratext play nice with its PDF output by modifying a stylesheet, but that doesn’t seem to be an option (or I haven’t found that option just yet) in PTXprint.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

I am assuming that your starting point is that verses appear within paragraphs like this:

The simplest way to do what you are asking for is to use the Advanced tab and apply some changes. So, ensure that you are using “Full View” and then enable the Apply Changes.txt option as shown below:

When you click on Edit… the View+Edit tab should show you your changes.txt file.

Add these lines to it (as shown below):

"\\v " > "\\p\n\\v "
"\\p[\s\r\n]*\\p" > "\\p"


These rules will place a \p marker before EVERY verse and remove any duplicate/redundant \p markers. So the end result should then appear like this:

Note that you could use \m for margin paragraphs (not-indented) by tweaking the change rules slightly:

"\\v " > "\\m\n\\v "
"\\p[\s\r\n]*\\m" > "\\p"

That would give you this kind of layout (slight change):

Just to be complete, it is worth noting that “Marginal Verses” is another possibility in case that is useful:

Which would result in this layout (you may need to adjust the formatting of the \v marker in the Styles tab):

I trust this gives you enough options to move forward.

Hi Mark, thank you for your extremely detailed and helpful response. Unfortunately I seem to have run into a lot more issues since moving from a Windows 10 PC to a Windows 11 VM on my Mac and now I can’t get Paratext to output a PDF draft without using PTXprint, and now PTXprint is throwing up all sorts of weird errors that it wasn’t giving previously on Windows 10. I’ll have to start a new thread about this issue if I can figure out what exactly to ask for help with.

Thank you!