Version-conditional text for About box

It would be great to have the ability to make text in the About box included conditionally.

For example, by supporting %if-android% and %end-if% as in this text:

<small><p style="text-align:left;">&lrm;By default, this app will stream the audio as needed. 
However, if you configure the settings for downloading the audio, the app will download any 
audio files you play to a folder called <b>KithaabulMuqaddhasDownloads</b>. 
To save space in internal storage, you can move this folder to the SD Card.
If the app has difficulty downloading the audio files, please visit 
<a href=""></a>, download the MP3 files, and then 
move them to this same folder.&lrm;<br></p></small>

We also have keyboard differences and change rule differences between Android and iOS versions of the app.