Vrs file for Septuagint-based OT

We are re-implementing the PWA for Scripture App Builder. We will be supporting split pane view and we will want the verses to match up. One of the student developers grew up in Russia as an MK. So he was trying to include russyn from edible.org. However he noticed the versification is slightly different in Psalms. Here is his comment:

I noticed something odd today with the normal (Android) app. In the Interlinear and TwoPane views, if two translations do not have the same chapter mappings (in this case WEB and RUSSYN in Psalms) the app will show the “wrong” chapter. In this case I was reading Psalms 113 in English and wanted to compare to the Russian and Greek, and I noticed that the other translations were for a different chapter even though they were numbered 113. I checked and this is because the Septuagint (which the Greek and Russian texts rely on) has different chapter divisions (at least in Psalms) from the Hebrew text. Is there a way that the regular app would be able to handle a situation like this?

I see in Scripture App Builder that you can include the .vrs file for a book collection. Would anyone have a .vrs that would work for translations like Russian that have different versification due to using the Septuagint?


Chris Hubbard