What is the recognized format for cross references?

Hello. I may have a weird cross reference format configuration in paratext, that doesn’t seem to be recognized by SAB

\id GEN 01GENLG8.SFM, Latvian Gluck 8th edition
\v 1 Iesākumā Dievs radīja debesis un zemi. \x - \xo 1.1 \xt Ījab 38.4. Dāv.dz 33.6. 89.12. 136.5. Ap.darb 14.15. 17.24. Kol 1.16. \x*
\v 2 Un zeme bija tumša un tukša, un tumsa bija pār dziļumiem, un Dieva Gars lidinājās pa ūdeņu virsu.
\v 3 Un Dievs sacīja: Lai top gaisma. Tad tapa gaisma. \x - \xo 1.3 \xt 2Kor 4.6. \x*

Either nothing is clickable or just the chapter.
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But looking at what @jeff_health wrote (can’t link as I’m too young) I suspected that . (dot) is valid chapter-verse delimiter in place of :. But it seems not. Anyway, if I delimit delimit chapters-verses with : and references with , it seems to recognize the format.

Is this hardcoded/configurable? Or it just means I have to change cross reference format?

@Janis_Veinbergs welcome to the forum. Once we find the right person to answer your question I hope you will find a solution. If you reply to this thread you can place the link to what @jeff_heath wrote in the comments.
I’m wondering if this is related to your punctuation settings in Paratext, since it appears that <.> is used for both end of phrase and end of references.

Thanks. Yes, @ChrisHubbard already assistend me on this one.

Turns out that clicking on Book → Features tab there are Chapter-Verrse separator and List of Verses separator. Due to me having both as dot, it doesn’t parse correctly. So I’ll have to change within source at least one delimiter not to be dot.

You can try ONE DOT LEADER (unicode \u2024)

as an alternative to FULL STOP.
Just be careful that you know which is which.

I use BabelMap to find unicode characters easily.