Where do the files go?

I set the program to not auto-send to Paratext. I submitted a transcription and it became available for review, but when submitted the review, it went away. Where did it go?

Page 4 in the documentation notes the location of the files:

SIL Transcriber files are stored in this folder: C:\ProgramData\SIL\SIL Transcriber

Page 6 explains how the admin user can go into the task details from the project settings page and use the “Copy to Clipboard” function to capture the text of the transcription so that it can be pasted into any other application or file.

In the Task Details pane, click (Copy to Clipboard). Now, that task is on your clipboard and can be pasted into another program of your choice

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Where can I find the documentation notes?
Can I delete my settings so I can reinstall with a different project and user?

@Greg_Trihus has modified his earlier response to address your first question.

You don’t need to delete settings to try out a different project. Our recent release (alpha 2) will let you create multiple projects.

Well, I can’t find out how to get out of one project and into another after poking around for five minutes. What is worse, I selected the wrong project at the welcome screen after installing. I normally identify my projects by their shortcode, not the full name, so I picked the wrong one. How do I get out of it and back into the project I want?

I think I see the issue. There’s supposed to be a dropdown menu in the top right of the project avatar (“pravatar?”) that’s not clickable right now. Inside that menu, there are actions to (1) change projects, (2) make a new project, and (3) change the project image.

The Transcriber 1.0 version (to be released tomorrow – or so), has the option to Delete a Transcriber project that you don’t want. If all projects get deleted, you can create a new project.

There is a version that will come with a Sample database to try which can eventually be deleted.

You can make a new project without deleting the old ones if you want.

All these features are available on the context menu which the administrator can see by right clicking on the ellipses in the upper right corner of the project image on the main screen.