Where is the "Characters" inventory and "Validate Fonts" for the GUI of the app?

Testers have pointed out to us that when an app is started in a minority language, and people are not used to smartphone in their own language, they have a hard time finding the language setting, because that is “in language” and IT-vocabulary is full of new words. If they can easily toggle between languages, they can learn quickly how to use the app and can learn their own new words for smart-devices.

So I added a globe symbol to the menu entry “chose language”, which is like an Android-wide standard for “language and input” related settings.

But now I fear that the compact SIL font we are using for the “content” does not have that globe symbol.

So question: What font is providing all the meta language in the GUI of the generated apps? I mean the long list of “Translations” under “Interface”.

Where can I check or make sure that (for example) my globe will show up (correctly) on each user’s device? Can I control which font is being used?

Thank you.

So is the Globe character a Unicode code point? Unicode Character ‘GLOBE WITH MERIDIANS’ (U+1F310) If so just use it and the Android device should choose another font if the default does not have it.

Or do you get a tofu (rectangular box) when you try that?

There is no way to test for all devices aside from buying one of each. Most developers try and have a range of devices to test on.

The font that you set for the body in Styles will be used for the user interface unless you specifically change it.