Windows 11

Has anyone successfully installed HearThis on Windows 11?
I tried installing version 3.3.4 and it keeps returning this error “0x80072ee7 - Unspecified error”.

I installed it just now on Windows 11 and was able to successfully open the Sample project.
At what point in the process do you get the error? As soon as you try to run it?

I recently got a report from a field user who also installed it on Windows 11. However, they ran into problems using it. I think Windows 11 might incorrectly suspect that HearThis is doing something dangerous and try to block it. Here are instructions for turning controlled folder access on and off and adding a program to the list of trusted software. The problem you’re having sounds like it could be something else (especially if it’s a problem in the installer itself), but if the installer has completed and HearThis appears in your list of programs, I would suggest that you add it as a trusted program to see if that fixes your problem.