Workflow Render - Transcriber - Paratext

One of our translation teams is using Render. They would like to use SIL Transcriber to transcribe the audio files exported from Render, syncing the transcriptions to Paratext.

What’s the best way to do this? We could create a new audio project in SIL Transcriber with all the correct sets/passages, then add the audio file manually in each passage. Is there an easier way to get the audio from Render to SIL Transcriber?


As we talked about last Friday, we are hoping to add a Render specific workflow (which will be customizable of course) to the program. It will include the ability to add recordings of vernacular, passage back translations and phrase by phrase back translations. Each of these will have a step where they can be transcribed and each will have a step to sync them to their corresponding Paratext projects.

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