Xcode unable to install app

I am having trouble installing my ipa on my phone with Xcode.
When I try to add the app it get the error code:
Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 12.11.41
I am on SAB 9.1.1 and Xcode 13.0, the computer I am using is about as new as you can get but the phone not so much (2021 MacBook Air (M1) and iPhone 5c).
Any suggestions?

Hi Craig, I don’t have the solution to that, but perhaps as a workaround I guess you could also get it onto your phone by using TestFlight?

Yes, I have done that. It sometimes takes a day so any trial and error becomes a very long process :tired_face:.
The simulator of course is the fastest way to try something but deep linking apparently behaves differently on a phone to the simulator.