Adding a Privacy policy

Google sent me an email concerning adding a privacy policy which I wanted to add but I discovered that it has to be a link. How do I go about this? How do I get the URL? Thanks in advance
Steve Jacob

An app’s Privacy Policy would normally be on its own website. I made a simple WordPress website for my app, so I have the PP on that and the URL is in the app.
I doubt every SAB app has it’s own website, it could be on an organisation’s website like the translators, publishers, local Bible Society or some NGO connected to the app. Is there something along those lines in your situation?

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No Sir. I’m only creating those apps on my own so long as it makes people happy. In this case, what can I do now Sir?

Others might have a better suggestion, but you could make a simple, free WordPress (other providers are available) blogging site and add a PP there.
Initially mine was just had the PP, an About page with links to eh Play/App Store and some screenshots. I have since added the whole Bible to the site with the PWA option.

Check out this conversation for ideas:

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I used a Google doc and enabled access to “Anyone with the Link”. They accepted this. Yes, the Wycliffe Privacy Policy could be a starting point. But you need to adapt it to what your app actually does. I found that with children’s apps Google can be strict. They want a policy that refers to the app name, not just an organizational policy that tries to cover all Scripture apps and their features.
Have you worked with Google Docs before? All you need is a Google account and you should be able to set one up.


Thanks so much everyone. I’m really grateful. @Friedo I’m going to try that Google doc because that sounds or appears more simpler. I’m not yet a sophisticated app developer. Once again I appreciate you all

In the case you don’t have a website/host/domain for your projects, I’ll suggest that you use the Privacy Policy Generator system like the

You can generate all forms of legal documents for your projects and the beauty of it is that, it is hosted on their system and all you need is to copy the URL of the legal documents that you have generated and paste wherever required. Even on the Google Play store.

You can use it to generate the codes for each of your apps and make them unique with their individual legal documents. It works like magic for me and I don’t have to worry again about developing or hosting legal documents. And most importantly, it is free and will cost you nothing.

Try it and let me know your take on it.