Build fails on

Hi, I’ve just downloaded the new SAB 5.5, switched JDK to Amazon. My build fails with this message:
Execution failed for task ‘:fabricGenerateResourcesRelease’.

Crashlytics Developer Tools error.

If I turn firebase analytics off it compiles fine. I haven’t changed anything that affects that and I don’t remember putting in anything for This thread online seems to indicate that it is a missing entry in AndroidManifest.xml but I am not sure how to fix it:


Hello Ray,

Did you enable the Firebase Crashlytics feature on the on the Firebase tab under the App page?

Can you try to use the last version of Oracle Java 8 SE that doesn’t require the new licensing agreement until we get this sorted?

Here is the page to download page for 8u202:

You will have to create an account with Oracle.


Thanks Chris, just tried with 8u202, with “Firebase Crashlytics” off, per your screenshot, it works, with it checked, it fails. I downgraded to 5.4 and it works again (amazon or oracle). On 5.5 I can’t get it to work with crashanalytics + any java version (amazon or oracle).

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Sorry, this problem is caused by some incompatible Firebase libraries in the build. We are testing a fix for SAB 5.6 which should be available in July. For now, please disable Crashlytics.

Thanks Richard, I am not in a hurry to release a new version, just wanted to stay up to date so I can wait. Thank you!