Difference in 3rd column of timing files between using letters vs. numbers

Hi, I am using RAB, and I suspect it operates essentially the same as SAB. I am exporting files from FieldWorks, creating usfm files and timing files. The SFM files look like this:

\id B003
\toc2 MWTTS

\c 1
\m \fig MWTTS.jpg \fig*
\m This is my first phrase
\m This is my second phrase
\m This is my third phrase

The timing files look like this:
(The offsets are stored “under the hood” in FLEx but we have exposed them in a custom field in FLEx).


When I use this, it doesn’t work. But if the timing file uses letters instead of numbers everything works as it should.


What are the underlying assumptions of SAB wrt numbers cf. letters? Do I need something in the sfm file to make using numbers okay? These aren’t Scripture texts but maybe the inclusion of \v in the file would help?

Thanks for any pointers that you can provide.


Hi Larry :wave:

Just saw your post. So RAB/SAB uses a number/letter combination in the timing files it creates. If you have more than one chapter (\c) or page (\page) in your Picture Story Book, the generated timing file will have numbers to indicate the chapters/pages and letters for the phrases. Example:

\page 1
\img image1.png
\m This is my first phrase
\m This is my second phrase

\page 2
\img image2.png
\m This is my first phrase. This is my second phrase.


In the case of a Scripture app built with SAB, the numbers in a timing file will refer to verses instead of chapters. A separate timing file is created for each chapter.

Hope that helps :).

Is it possible to have the audio for some other book type, like Default, be a single audio file and then have the timing break it into pages/chapters?

Also, Larry, there is likely a paired phrase file somewhere like
...\Documents\App Builder\Scripture Apps\Phrases\app.name\C01-01-book.name-00-aeneas.txt
that will give you some clue about what the different 1a, 2b, etc. references are lining up with.

Hi @mjames :). I believe it is only for Picture Story Books that the pages/chapters will be indicated by numbers in the generated timing file… and that is only when you import an audio file for the whole book. Picture Story Books give you the option of using an audio file for the whole book, each page or each phrase.

For Songbooks and Scripture Apps (Default in SAB), you have to provide a separate audio file for each song/chapter.

This is very helpful! Thank you!