Fine Tuning Interface Leaving Blank Lines (10.3.1)

In the SAB Fine Tuning Interface is leaving lines some blank.

The Phrase list looks good to me.

Any ideas?

It is also putting text on the wrong lines, and leaving some blank.

Phrase list looks correct.

Hi Mike,

I assume you looked through this previous post?

Not exactly the same question, but may shed some light on the problem (which I don’t have time to look at closely right at the moment…).


And another thread to check out:

Note specifically the comment “it seems like the phrases file is only created to help make the timings file. Once you have the timings file, the phrases file is basically ignored.”

Hi Mike,
You may see this in the postings Jeff referred to, but do check out how the highlighting works in the viewer in SAB, and more importantly, in the app itself. There have apparently been cases where the FT interface doesn’t show things correctly, but it does actually work.
Also, make sure you try it out in SAB 10.4

I have seen the two that Jeff linked, but those are both where you have a split verse, I have had that problem before and know the work around.

In this scenario I do not have I do not have a split verse.

I will test it in the APP and try 10.4.

Still testing but installing SAB v10.4 and rerunning Aeneas, fixed the blank lines in Matt 1.