Issue with synchronization and section headings in the middle of a verse

I’m experiencing an issue with text-audio synchronization when there is a section heading placed in the middle of a verse.

In the web (PWA) version, the highlighting stops completely when it reaches that section heading. Here’s an example (section head occurs at John 16:4):

In the Android app, after reading and highlighting the section heading, it goes back to the beginning of the verse, but it does eventually seem to get back on track.

Has anyone else experienced this and/or discovered a fix?


There is a long discussion about this general problem here:

Not specific to PWA, but you may be able to learn something useful. There is another thread as well with related info:

Hope you can learn something useful there…

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@jeff_heath I’ll take a look…thanks for your help!

I’ve learned something very important from this thread. I wish I can rewrite my apps again - not possible though - but I’ll try to edit some in subsequent updates. I appreciate all the contributors.