Issues in AppBuilders 10.0 with Scriptoria Upload


There are issues with using AppBuilders 10.0 and uploading to Scriptoria. Also, Scriptoria is still using 9.3. So please wait to upgrade. I hope to address these issues early next week (I am out today).

For His Great Name,
Chris Hubbard

I see v10.0.1 has been released and includes this bu fix in the app builder:
When uploading to Scriptoria, video stills in the videos folder were not uploaded and deleted remotely.

Was this the issue and has the Scriptoria upload been resolved?

@Tyler_Hewitt, thank you for replying. I should have yesterday. Yes, this has fixed the issue with uploading to Scriptoria.

I have not yet updated Scriptoria to 10.0.1. There is concern about the change from DBP2 to BibleBrain APIs (DBP4) where users will loose access to downloading audio. See SAB 10.0: loss of download permission using FCBH Bible Brain for more details.

Do you need features in 10.0.1 to publish your app?



Thanks for update. I don’t necessarily need the features of 10.0.1 however v.10.0 did fix the offline/ext folder videos playback that we submitted bug report for. As far as BibleBrain, I had to re-configure the app build for audio streaming only as the app would not even build if I had selected download or stream option. We would prefer download as an option for the linked audio. I’m guessing that might be some time before our org can get the permissions ok’d by FCBH for api key holders with SAB apps.

So there are two things we are dealing with at the moment. What would be your suggestion for moving forward with Scriptoria upload?

@Tyler_Hewitt Have you submitted a request to regarding access to the content through BibleBrain? I believe they said that they would reply promptly. If you let me know the Fileset ID, I can ask them today in my weekly meeting with them.

FYI, Scriptoria has been updated to AppBuilders 10.0.1 last night.


Chris, we just submitted a request to support for permission to download for organization wide who holds the api key. Anyway, per your request, the fileset in question is: MSYPNGN2DA. We are only allowed to stream at the moment. I just did another ‘test’ from within Audio>File Source>FCBH and says download not allowed.

Thanks for update on Scriptoria to 10.0.1.