Video syncronisation option

Would like to be able to sync the text to videos as well as just audio. The timing files are easy enough as we can run things over an audio-extraction from the video, but running it is a different matter.
Presumably this would only work with API’s where you can determine video is in playback (i.e. local MP4 files, Vimeo, YouTube). It would be nice if could work with HLS too (we use HLS links from Vimeo so that we don’t have to make the videos embeddable everywhere).

Are you talking about having the sync’d text display in an area on the screen that is separate from the video itself, or are you talking about embedding “subtitles” into the video itself? The former is what it sounds like you’re talking about. However, if the latter, there are two possible approaches to doing this:

  1. Following a standard subtitle format. This allows for subtitles to be turned on and off, displayed in multiple languages, etc. but it relies on support of the video player and controlling it would require UI.

  2. “Burning” the subtitles into the video. This removes the need for player support, but it also means that turning the subtitles on or off, or any kind of customization, is impossible.

Hi Tom,

Yes I was referring to highlighting the existing text that is already below the video. Presumably the video would have to stay in position and only use half of the screen to make this work.

Subtitling will work instead, just not quite so nice, and of course we’ll have to manually make them (or write some kind of clever script).